Saturday, October 31, 2015

WSO2 Gateway (WSO2 GW) -Alpha

WSO2 Gateway (WSO2 GW) is an ultra high performance, lightweight and configuration-driven message gateway based on
standard gateway pattern. It aims to encapsulate messaging between source and target systems that are built with
disparate technologies, protocols, and standards. While it includes messaging between two systems, message mediation
can be controlled by configuring WSO2 GW’s mediation logic.

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Key Features

* Ultra high performance and low latency  HTTP/S messaging.

* Supports thousands of concurrent connections/clients.

* Header-based routing using Apache Camel as the message mediation engine.

* Defines REST services/APIs using Camel REST DSL.

* Lightweight and stateless service orchestration.

* Load balancing and failover messaging.

* Error handling support.

Getting Started

By configuring the [camel-context.xml]( (which can be found in `$CARBON_HOME/repository/conf/camel/camel-context.xml`)
we can achieve camel routing.

Sample camel configuration for Header-based routing

    <route id="http-routes">
        <from uri="wso2-gw:/default"/>
                <simple>${header.routeId} regex 'r1'</simple>
                <to uri="wso2-gw:http://localhost:9000/services/SimpleStockQuoteService"/>
                <simple>${header.routeId} regex 'r2'</simple>
                <to uri="wso2-gw:http://localhost:9002/service/SimpleStockQuoteService"/>
                <to uri="wso2-gw:http://localhost:9004/SimpleStockQuoteService"/>

 Sample request to route to localhost:9000
 curl  http://localhost:9090/default -H __"routeId:r1"__

 If we don't have any routeId header the request will be routed to the localhost:9004 (i.e to otherwise)

Sampel REST configuration

Following is a sample rest interface definition
    <rest path="/gw">
        <get uri="/news">
            <to uri="direct:getNews"/>
        <get uri="/news/{id}">
            <to uri="direct:getNewsById"/>

and follwoing is the corresponding routes
        <from uri="direct:getNews"/>
        <to uri="wso2-gw:"/>
        <from uri="direct:getNewsById"/>

when we invoke the request `http://localhost:9090/gw/news`
it will be routed to ``

similarly `http://localhost:9090/gw/news/24` will be routed to ``