Tuesday, February 18, 2014


WSO2 ESB team released the latest benchmark ESB Performance Round 7.5the result tests are based on the previous serious of performance test carried by different vendors.The main idea of this article is to provide the facts that WSO2 ESB still holding the position as the fastest message mediation engine with with minimum latency.
   The test cases were executed by categorizing the sections, such as Passthough Invocation, Content Base Routing (CBR),Content Header Base Routing (CHBR), and Security scenarios.
    The test cases were designed to measure the throughput (TPS) under different concurrences with different size of messages and to get more visualization aspect, we did a summery graph and out of different vendors such as Ultra ESB,Teland ESB, It was clearly visualize that WSO2 outcomes others by considerable margin when the average calculated.
    And also when considering the individual scenarios; WSO2 ESB performed well without seen any exception or any payload corruptions and to verify this further more; WSO2 team run corruption checker and also used Jmeter response assertion to make sure there won't be any corruption under different high concurrences.
   Nevertheless Surprisingly, we did observe improvements of Mule ESB, which we have noted that it performs well over Ultra ESB for some use cases such as CBR, CHBR

   Anyway, the main fact that this article trying to bid, the claims made by some vendors by arguing the default pack which does the payload corruption,but yes we did identified such claim but, never with the default setting , it was with the StreamXpath where this was due to a very negligible error which we have fixed in no time.

Why we did ESB Performance round 7.5 ? 
  The main reason why WSO2 did this because as professional,we need to make sure that WSO2 ESB is the strongest and the well performed ESB available in the market and we need to make sure that we did answer the questions raised by ESB PERFORMANCE ROUND 7. 
     When considering the OPEN source nature I think WSO2 ESB is the only ESB that has much features that allow different users to
try them freely and the source is open and they could see anything, and WSO2 welcomes the open community ideas, and again WSO2 ESB do not have any sort of hidden code which not sharable or available under different license.

Finally, I know this would hurt few guys/organizations because they put such effort by spending days and nights to QA other vendors products and written article by highlighting issues/errors which they found as disaster, I Know we will see a Performance Round 8, sooner rather than later because the guys who claims to be the champions now are in at 3rd place so they need to bring their act to gather and need response faster, I think they should now need to plan different execution scenarios for the next round such as JSON, JSON Path evaluation, and we know RESTful invocations are now becoming the huge topic and people waiting to see ESB's performance in JSON related usecases.But the bottom-line is still WSO2 ESB will hold the leading position.. bet my word...!  Enjoy...


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